Preparatory German language course

Many universities offer preparatory German language classes in order to equip students with the language skills needed for their studies. These courses usually take one semester (6 months) and culminate in the DSH exam. At some universities, you can apply directly for for the DSH exam without attending German language classes first.

Criteria check

Your educational background

The goal of a preparatory German language course is to equip students with the language skills needed for studying a bachelor, Staatsexamen or Master's course (= Subject studies). It is therefore only possible to participate in a preparatory German language course if your educational certificates qualify you to subsequently begin Subject studies.

Not sure if your educational certificates are recognised for admission to Subject studies? Find out on the following pages:

Bachelor & Staatsexamen


  • Your result: If your previous education is recognised for admission to Subject studies - or if you would like us to evaluate if it is when you apply -, find out more about additional criteria now.

Language proficiency

Most universities require a proof of language proficiency that shows a certain level of German language proficiency, such as a language certificate. For some universities, a record of attendance at a specific number of classes or hours is enough.

Further criteria

In addition to an appropriate educational background and sufficient language proficiency, there are further criteria for admission to a preparatory German language course. These admission criteria are set by the individual universities. The criteria may include formal application requirements such as deadlines or certification and translation of documents.

Getting information

To ensure a successful application, get information from the uni-assist universities about your options and criteria for a preparatory German language course.

Get information on the following from the universities of your choice:

Not every university offers German language classes for all proficiency levels. Some universities do not offer any language classes at all, others offer only classes to prepare for specific courses of study.

The admission criteria and accepted proofs of language proficiency may differ depending on your chosen university. Further admission criteria may depend on the course of study you wish to begin after the German language course.

application deadlines may be set earlier than those for applications to university studies. You can find more information under Deadlines and processing time.

uni-assist is not automatically responsible for all applications to a uni-assist university. In some cases, uni-assist handles applications to university courses, but not applications for the German language course.

Have you obtained information from the universities of your choice and do you meet the criteria?

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