If you would like to begin a Master’s course after your undergraduate studies, this is what you need to know about admission criteria.

Criteria check

Completed undergraduate studies

In order to apply for a Master’s course in Germany, you generally need to have completed undergraduate studies in a related subject. At some universities you can already apply before completing your first degree.

Your degree must be equivalent to a German bachelor degree. This involves the following criteria, among others: The initial degree must be attained at a university which is recognised (accredited) according to the laws of the country in question. Some countries also require the course of study itself to be accredited.

Checking recognition

You can check the recognition of your university using the information portal "anabin" of the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB). This is also where you can find out if your degree is equivalent to a German bachelor degree.


Your result – what happens next?

Equivalent degree

If you have attained a degree at a university outside of Germany which is equivalent to a German bachelor degree, please read our guidelines on additional criteria.

Not sure

Are you unsure about the recognition of your first degree in Germany? We will find out for you when processing your application. You should find out about additional criteria now.

German degree

Have you completed your bachelor studies in Germany? For some universities, uni-assist is responsible for evaluating your applications in this case as well. You should find out about additional criteria now.

Language proficiency

In Germany, many master’s courses are taught in German. Therefore, you generally need to show adequate proficiency in German.

Some courses are offered in English. In that case, you need little or no proficiency in German. You can find an overview of international university courses using the DAAD database “International Programmes”.

Tip: If your German language proficiency is not yet sufficient, many universities offer a preparatory German language course. For more information, please contact the university of your choice.

Further criteria

In addition to the required degree and German language proficiency criteria, there are further criteria for master’s courses. These admission criteria are set by the individual universities.

The criteria may include internship experience, grades and formal application requirements such as deadlines, certification and translation of documents.

Getting information

To ensure a successful application, get information from the uni-assist universities about your options and criteria for your application.

Get information on the following from the universities of your choice:

Depending on the course of study you are interested in, your initial degree course will need to be equivalent to a German bachelor course with a duration of 3, 3.5 or 4 years. You can find out on anabin which German degree is equivalent to your undergraduate degree.

The required level of language proficiency, as well as other admission criteria, may vary between courses of study. Some master’s courses require a minimum grade.

Not all universities accept applications with preliminary educational certificates. Some only do so if the bachelor course took place in Germany or an EU country. If accepted, you will need an attestation from your university on your future degree and the studies completed so far.

application deadlines for master’s courses are often set earlier than those for bachelor courses. You can find more information under Deadlines and processing time.

uni-assist is not automatically responsible for all applications to a uni-assist university.

Have you obtained information from the universities of your choice and do you meet the criteria?

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