Deadlines and processing time

Here you can find the most important information on university application deadlines and our current processing times. It is very important for your application that you keep to these deadlines.


General notes on deadlines

uni-assist’s deadline is that of the university. Your documents need to be with uni-assist in their entirety and in the required form before the application deadline passes. In addition, we must receive the payment of the handling fees before the deadline expires.

Apply as early as possible!

Our recommendation: Send in your documents and make your payment at least 8 weeks before the deadline expires.

This ensures that we can inform you in time if you need to submit further documents.

You may apply as soon as the university has activated the applications in My assist.

Deadlines for the university of your choice

Usually, the following deadlines apply for university courses in Germany:

An increasing number of universities set earlier deadlines for specific courses, such as for master’s courses or the Studienkolleg (preparatory course).

You can find out about the specific deadlines for your chosen course from the university of your choice.

When planning your application, keep the deadline in mind that applies to you.

VPD Exceptions

If a university requires a preliminary review documentation (“Vorprüfungsdokumentation”, VPD) issued by uni-assist, you need to have submitted it to them yourself before the deadline. Therefore, please plan your application with enough time and apply for your VPD as early as possible. We will send you the VPD after your documents have been evaluated successfully.

Find out more about the VPD procedure.

Current processing times

You will usually receive your evaluation result in 4 to 6 weeks – counting from the day on which we received your application and payment. We evaluate all applications received in order of their arrival.

Have you already submitted your application? These are our current processing times:
  • Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey: approximately 4 weeks
  • Asia, North America and Oceania: approximately 5 weeks
  • Western Europe and Latin America: approximately 5 weeks
  • Africa, Middle East and Iran: approximately 4 weeks

In individual cases, processing can take longer.


(region = origin of your educational certificates)

(Last updated: 10. June 2024)

Confirmation of receipt of your documents

For each set of documents you send to uni-assist by post, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. For this purpose, your letter is registered in our system. This can take a few days. Especially in the days leading up to important deadlines, when we receive thousands of letters each day.

Please do not worry if you do not hear from us immediately. Even if registration takes some time, it is backdated to the day it was received.

We are currently registering letters received on 13 June 2024.

You will usually receive a confirmation of receipt within 24 hours after registration.

(Last updated: 14 June 2024)

You have planned your application and know which procedure is valid for your chosen course of study?

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