Status, evaluation result and admission

We evaluate your documents according to criteria set by the universities of your choice. We will inform you by email as soon as the result is available in your My assist account under “My Inbox.” If all criteria are met we can forward your application to the university. The admission process of the university starts after this. The university itself is responsible for informing you on admission.

Please note: In the VPD procedure, you use the VPD received from uni-assist to apply directly at the university. uni-assist does not forward your application to universities in this procedure.

Evaluation phase

After you sent your documents and paid the handling fee, we will process your application. This may take 4 to 6 weeks.

We will inform you by email as soon as the evaluation result is available in your My assist account under “My Inbox.” We only evaluate if all necessary documents are included in the right form during the processing procedure. You may submit missing documents up until the application deadline.

Current processing times

Status of my application

You can check the status of your application using your My assist account - via the application overview on the left-hand menu. The status will only change once we have processed your application in its entirety.

Status Explanation
In process We have not evaluated your application yet. You will usually receive your evaluation result in 4 to 6 weeks.
withdrawn You will see this status if you have withdrawn your application.
Faulty Your application does not meet all criteria. We will inform you of the result in detail by e-mail and by post. You may submit any missing documents before the application deadline.
Okay Your application is complete and meets all requirements necessary for a preliminary evaluation by uni-assist. For standard applications: We will submit your application to the university for further evaluation shortly. For VPD applications: We will shortly send you your preliminary review documentation ("Vorprüfungsdokumentation", VPD) by e-mail and by post, after which you will generally need to send the VPD to the university.

In your evaluation result we will inform you in detail about the status.

Evaluation result

Did you receive your evaluation result from uni-assist? Find information about the next steps now.

Your application is successful if we received your complete application within the deadline and all criteria set by the university are met. We will inform you about it via your inbox in your My assist account. As soon as we have forwarded your application, the university’s admission office is responsible for handling your application. The university will then decide if you will be placed in a course and will inform you of all further steps.

  • Receiving multiple offers of admission: If you are offered admission by multiple universities, you are free to decide which one to accept.
  • VPD exceptions: In the VPD procedure we send you the preliminary review documentation (VPD) by e-mail and by post. You then apply directly to your chosen university using the VPD.
  • (DoSV) exceptions: If you are applying using the DoSV, you can use your account to check if one of your chosen universities has made you an offer. You will be able to accept this offer online.

This may happen if you are missing application documents, if documents have the wrong form or arrived too late at uni-assist. Unless all criteria set by the university are met, we cannot forward your application. We will inform you via your inbox in your My assist account if this is the case.

Applying for a student applicant visa

Using a positive evaluation result from uni-assist, you may apply for a student applicant visa at the German Embassy or German Consulate.

Please note: Some consulates do not issue student applicant visas, but only student visas.

You have sent your application?

You did it! Your documents are on the way to us.
You can track the processing of your documents online via your account. We will inform you about the evaluation result.
The university of your choice decides on your admission and informs you of the decision.