Sending an application

Certified copies must be sent to uni-assist by post. Use your My assist account to upload all documents that do not require Official certification.

Upload your documents online

Simply upload all documents that do not require Official certification into your My assist account. These are usually other documents such as proofs of internships, a CV, letters of motivation and letters of recommendation, for example.

Does your university accept an online-only application for uni-assist‘s pre-check? In this case, you can also upload your Educational certificates, your Proofs of language proficiency and their translations into your My assist account. In some cases, you will need to submit further documents and/or officially certified copies to the university later.

Check here whether your chosen university accepts an online-only application.

Sending documents by post

Does your chosen university require officially certified copies of your documents? Send in your documents as quickly as possible after submitting your online application! uni-assist should receive your documents at least 8 weeks before the application deadline.

What needs to be in the envelope?

Even if you are applying to multiple universities, please send your documents in one single envelope only.

Enclose the following documents only once:

Documents that do not require Official certification can simply be uploaded in your My assist Account. These are usually other documents such as proofs of internships, a CV, letters of motivation and letters of recommendation.

Please make sure to use the right postage to ensure that your letter arrives at uni-assist.

Postal address

Please send your application to this address*:

uni-assist e.V.
11507 Berlin

* You can also use this address for courier services or to send registered mail. If your mail carrier does not accept the address, please send your mail to uni-assist e.V., Geneststrasse 5, 10829 Berlin. This will not increase the transit time.

    Please tell your postal services provider that you want to send your documents as DOX. You will then avoid incurring additional costs and longer wait times.

    You may also drop your documents in our letter box in person. It is accessible 24 hours a day. If you want to drop off your application envelope in person, please use only the letter boxes marked with “uni-assist”.

    The exact GPS coordinates are: 52.472090  13.36578

    Google Maps

    How to find the uni-assist letter box:

    • In Reichartstraße 2, 10829 Berlin (Gate 1), you will find a large sign for the uni-assist letter box.
    • Go through the green fence gate and you’ll be right in front of the letter box.
    Confirmation of receipt

    For each letter, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. Find out more under Deadlines & processing time.

    You have sent your application?

    You did it! Your documents are on the way to us.
    You can track the processing of your documents online via your account. We will inform you about the evaluation result.
    The university of your choice decides on your admission and informs you of the decision.