Other documents

This section contains important information about other documents.

  • In general, any other documents may be submitted as non-certified copies. You can simply upload these using My assist.
  • Find out from your chosen university which documents they require.
  • You need to submit each document only once, even if you wish to use it to apply to multiple universities.

Some universities require a CV without any omissions which is current up to the date of application. List everything you have done up until now. Start with your first school.

Do not leave out any time period. If you were not enrolled at a university for a time or did not work, write down “no special activities / no studies”.

Name the university of your choice as well as the course of study you are applying to, visibly and in bold print, at the very top of your letter of motivation. Otherwise we will not be able to link your letter of motivation to the right university.

Sometimes universities require a letter of recommendation from your previous university teachers or professors.

The copy of your passport only needs to contain the page with your picture and your personal data. This copy does not need to be certified.

Sometimes universities require a photo. This does not have to be a passport photo. A portrait photo (as small as possible) of yourself is enough. A single photo is enough, and it can be a non-certified copy.

If you have changed your name – for example, because you got married – please include a record of your name change in your application. This will explain why your certificates show a different name.

If you have already studied at a German university or are currently enrolled at one, please submit the following:

Important: You may have to submit a "Exmatrikulations-Bescheinigung" even if you have completed your studies.

Some universities require proof of internships or proof of job experience. In general, you can submit certificates proving internships or job experience as non-certified copies. If the certificates were not issued in German or English, you should submit an additional non-certified copy of a certified translation into German or English.

The TestAS is a standardised test that assesses and serves as proof of qualification for university studies.

You can easily submit your TestAS results online in your My assist account.

Digital TestAS:
Upload your TestAS certificate under “My applications“ / “Documents.“

Paper-based TestAS:
Submit your TestAS information via “My account“ / “Change applicant information“ / “Educational history.“

We will then be able to retrieve and verify your TestAS results online.

GMAT and GRE are special tests that are becoming increasingly important, especially for economics and business courses.

Ask your university if you need to submit your portfolio in print or on a disc. You usually have to submit portfolios and design documents directly to the university.

In some cases, you need to prove that you are physically fit for your chosen course. This is important especially for sports medicine courses. Ask your university which doctor’s notes you need and what specialized medical doctors are qualified to issue the note required.

In some courses, especially those with an artistic orientation, you often have to prove your suitability. This is usually determined in an aptitude test, which generally takes place before you apply to the university.

Have you assembled all documents? Have you procured all required translations and certified copies?

If you have done both of these things, continue with the next step.

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