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uni-assist supports international student applicants and German universities in processing applications to study in Germany. uni-assist’s core responsibility is the evaluation of student applications for uni-assist universities.

  • We evaluate if your educational certificates fulfil the general criteria for university studies in Germany.
  • We convert your grades to the German system of grades.
  • We check additional admission criteria set by the universities of your choice, depending on the procedure.
  • We register all data and documents necessary for the universities’ admission procedures.
  • We inform you about your evaluation result.

uni-assist universities may access and edit these data.

The university of your choice, not uni-assist, decides on your admission.

The university of your choice informs you whether you should apply via uni-assist. uni-assist is not automatically responsible for all applications to uni-assist universities. Each university decides on which applicant groups and courses are to be handled by uni-assist.

No, because we treat all applicants equally. uni-assist does not cooperate with commercial agencies. If you submit an application via an agency, it receives the same treatment as all others.

No, uni-assist is only located in Berlin, Germany. For your application, please only use My assist and the official uni-assist website (https://www.uni-assist.de/en/).

Check our Links section for websites that contain a lot of helpful information on, for example:

  • courses of study offered by German universities
  • requirements for studying in Germany
  • financing and
  • visas

Each university in Germany offers a student advisory service – often provided by an International Office. Take advantage of this service to seek advice about studying in Germany. You will find the contact details of the International Offices via our Links section.

If you want to study in Germany, you will need a University entrance qualification (“Hochschulzugangsberechtigung”). This means that your previous education must qualify you to study at a German university. Generally, this refers to a school leaving certificate equivalent to a German “Abitur” (e.g. Matura, Baccalauréat). In some cases, you must have already completed certain university courses or a University entrance exam in your home country.

Most courses of study require proof of a certain level of German language proficiency. Certain subjects may require proficiency in other languages as well (e.g. language studies, international courses of study).

Depending on the university of your choice and your desired course there may be further requirements, such as internship experience.

You can find out whether your previous education qualifies you for studying in Germany using

Please enquire about language and further requirements directly at the university of your choice.

Detailed information and further tips:

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This depends on your desired course.

Universities have very different requirements for language skills. Be sure to check with the universities about the required language level and the necessary language certificates. The requirements vary from university to university and from course to course.

You can find a general overview on the website study-in.de and on our website under Language certificates.

Tips on language skills and language certificates:

Please note:

Your language certificates must be received by uni-assist before the end of the application deadline. They generally must be submitted by post as officially certified copies in the original language and, if necessary, also in certified translation (either English or German). Before you apply, please check with each university which language certificates are required.

Please check the following with your chosen university:

  • Is uni-assist responsible for your application to a higher course semester?
  • What application deadlines apply for the higher course semester?
  • How can completed university courses be recognised?
  • Do you have to submit additional documents for your application to uni-assist?

Your chosen university will inform you about all the criteria mentioned above.