FAQs for refugees

We recommend this website with a lot of helpful information:


You will find further helpful links on our website under Information for refugees.

Our tip: Each university in Germany provides a student consultation service. There you can get more advice about studying in Germany. You will find the contact details on the university’s website.

You will find more information on applying for a higher semester here:

Get information in advance

Yes. If you are not able to submit relevant educational certificates due to your asylum situation and circumstances of your arrival in Europe, then we can verify whether you can study at a German university based on your statements. You can get the personal information form (Selbstauskunftsbogen) from uni-assist. We will send you the form after we have processed your application and noticed that documents are missing.

The universities then decide whether you have to take additional tests because of the missing certificates. These exams can for example be the Feststellungsprüfung, an aptitude test from the university and other assessment processes created by the university.

The self-disclosure form is not available for download from our website. We will send the form to you once we have evaluated your application and noticed that you are missing documents.

Please ask your bank how you can transfer money to Germany.

Alternatively, another person can transfer the handling fees for you.

You will find further information on bank transfers on our website: Payment options

In this case, you have several options:

  • online-only application: More and more universities are accepting online-only applications. This means that you can submit your application entirely online via My assist. Simply submit your documents as an upload – even without official certification. In some cases, you will need to submit further documents to the university after receiving admission.

    Here you can find out which universities accept online-only applications.

  • Postal service providers: It may be that only some postal service providers are offering limited services. We recommend that you contact several postal services providers to find out what other options may be available.