Payment options

You may pay the fees for your uni-assist application either by bank transfer or by credit card. On this page, you will find out how it works.

Payment deadline

What is the payment deadline?

The deadline is the same as for your application. This is why it is important to enquire about application deadlines with the universities.

Two important notes:

  • The relevant date to meet the deadline is the date on which we received your payment. When you instructed your bank to make the payment cannot be taken into account.
  • We are unable to process your application before you have paid the handling fee in full.

This is why we recommend payments to be made as early as possible! Make sure to plan enough time for your payment to arrive. Keep in mind that bank holidays may delay your payment.

Payment by friends or relatives

Another person can pay the handling fees for you. Separate transfers must be made for each individual applicant. This helps us avoid problems linking payments to applicants.

Paying for multiple universities

When applying to multiple universities, please transfer the total amount in a single payment. This speeds up the process of linking the payment to you and you save money on additional transfers.

Bank transfer

We are happy to accept bank transfers - including by online banking.

Tips on banking fees:

Some banks charge additional fees for international transfers to Germany. This is true especially for transfers in a currency other than Euros. You are responsible for paying these fees. Your bank can give you information on any additional transfer fees.

Important information for bank transfers: Please tell your bank, that you want to use the OUR transfer to pay your handling fees. This ensures that the full amount of the transfer is paid by you.

Bank transfers from a German bank account generally do not incur additional fees. You may ask friends or relatives with a German bank account to help you: we also accept transfers made for you by friends or relatives.

Filling in your transfer order:

Include the following information in the reference field:

  • Your uni-assist applicant number,
  • Your family name (as written in your passport),
  • Your given name (as written in your passport),
  • Your date of birth (,
  • The semester in which your course starts, e.g. SoSe18 or WiSe18/19.

Please fill in your transfer order legibly and without omissions.


This is what the reference field could look like on your transfer order:

1234567, Mustermann, Max, 01.01.1991, SoSe18

Not enough room in the reference field?

Please select an unambiguous combination, ideally applicant number + family name + first name or applicant number + date of birth

Bank details

Credit card (Visa or MasterCard)

Would you like pay your handling fee using a credit card? Please use our form for credit card payments. Send it to us, filled out completely and legibly, along with your other documents.

Credit card payment form

Please note:
  • You will need to submit the original form (please do not scan or fax it).
  • The form must be filled in and signed by the owner of the credit card.
  • Payment by credit card is possible only using this form! For safety reasons, you may not enter your credit card data on our website or the online portal.


Sometimes, payments with credit cards from certain countries may not be accepted by the bank for security reasons. Also, transfers to us may be rejected. Ask your bank about international transactions.

Further information can be found on the website of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

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