Submitting missing documents

If you are missing documents to complete your application, you can find out here how and until when you can submit them.

Before the application deadline

You can submit missing documents before the application deadline expires.

Note: If uni-assist has already forwarded your application to the university, please ask the university’s admission office where to send your documents.

Submitting documents in 3 steps


You can find out from the university in what form you need to submit your documents to us (whether certified or not). If we have already processed your application, will let you know the details in our evaluation result.

Sending documents

Certified documents must be sent to uni-assist by post. Use your My assist account to upload all documents that do not require an official certification.


We process additional documents in order of their arrival. Plan for waiting times of 4 to 6 weeks.

The status of your application changes as soon as processing has been completed by uni-assist. We will inform you by email as soon as the evaluation result is available in your My assist account.

Current processing times

After the application deadline

uni-assist must have received all application documents required before the application deadline expires.

If something is missing or your documents do not arrive in time, we are unable to forward your application to the university. If your application is subject to the VPD procedure, it is possible that you might receive your preliminary review documentation (VPD) late and will be unable to submit it to the university in time.

If the deadlines have passed, you may reapply for a later semester. 

You have submitted your application?

You did it! 
You can track the processing of your documents online via your account. We will inform you about the evaluation result.
Your chosen university will then decide on your admission and inform you of the decision.