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Thank you for your interest in studying at a uni-assist university. This is where you can find out more about admission criteria. Simply select the type of course you are interested in.

Video tutorial

How can I check whether I can study at a German university on the basis of my certificates? Which criteria for my application do I need to find out about from my chosen university?

Bachelor & Staatsexamen

If you are interested in a bachelor or Staatsexamen course, you can find out about the educational prerequisites and will find tips on which admission criteria to ask about at the universities here.

Bachelor courses


If you would like to further your education with a Master’s course, find out here which undergraduate studies you will need to have completed. Read our tips on getting information from universities.

Master’s courses

Studienkolleg – preparatory course

If you would like to gain the necessary qualifications for undergraduate studies in a Studienkolleg (preparatory course), you can find out more about Studienkollegs here. Read our tips on which criteria are especially important to the universities.


Preparatory German language course

If you would like to gain the language skills needed for your studies in a preparatory German course at a university, you can find out in this section which requirements you need to meet. Here we offer tips on what to ask about at the universities.

German language course

Introductory courses

If you would like to prepare for your courses with introductory courses (e.g. a Propädeutikum), you can find out more in this section about introductory courses and the educational background that is required. Read our tips on the criteria you need to ask about at the universities.

Introductory courses

Information for refugees

You have fled your native country and would like to study in Germany? This is where you can find information and helpful links on applying to study programmes for refugees in Germany. Are you missing important documents because of your refugee status? We explain what to keep in mind during your application via uni-assist.

Information for refugees