If you have already applied via uni-assist this year or last year and would like to reapply, take note of the information on this page. If you applied earlier than last year, please apply following the regular process.

Safekeeping period

For how long does uni-assist keep application documents?

We keep your hard copies until the end of the year following the receipt of your hard copies. We can reuse on-file hard copies for new applications, so you do not need to send these documents again.

An example:

Hard copies received on: 10 May 2024

Hard copies will be kept until: 31 December 2025


If you send us a new application within this period or submit new hard copies, the safekeeping period for all existing documents is reset.

After the safekeeping period ends, we destroy the hard copies.


We keep electronic documents up to 3 calendar years. During this time you do not have to re-upload documents you have already uploaded previously. After 3 calendar years we delete the electronic documents.


Get information, plan ahead and assemble your documents

Get information on current courses, admission criteria, deadlines and application procedures from your preferred universities. Not every course is offered for each semester. admission criteria and deadlines can vary from semester to semester.

Always check with the university of your choice to find out which documents you need. You need to submit any documents we do not have yet in time.

Please note:
  • Were your certificates and documents complete when you last applied? Was something missing that we asked you to submit?
  • Does the university require additional application documents for this new application?
  • Does the university require an up-to-date CV?
  • Have you received new certificates that may be relevant for your application?

If so, please prepare the documents in the form requested.


Apply online

Create and submit an online application again for each chosen course using My Assist.

  • Sign in to My assist using your old login data. Do not create a new account. Your uni-assist applicant number is valid for all your applications in all semesters.
  • Check whether the information you provided under “applicant information” in your My assist account is up-to-date. If necessary, please update your address.

Pay all fees and send your application

  • For your new application you need to pay the regular handling fees. You can find out more under Pay all fees.
  • Send all required documents we do not have yet.

Processing your new application will once again take the usual 4 to 6 weeks. As before, we will inform you by email as soon as the evaluation result is available in your My assist account.

Tip: Use our checklist:


You have planned your application and know which procedure is valid for your chosen course of study?

Continue with the next step.

Assemble your documents