General information

You pay the handling fees when you submit your application in My assist. We are unable to evaluate your application before you have paid the handling fees in full.

Therefore, make sure to submit your application as early as possible. Your complete application and your payment must be received by uni-assist within the application deadline.

More information:

Payment options

The handling fees cover the processing and evaluation of your application documents, regardless of the evaluation result.

The uni-assist processing includes:

  • We assess whether your educational certificates meet the general criteria for university studies in Germany.
  • We convert your grades into the German grading system.
  • We check the additional admission criteria set by your chosen universities, depending on the procedure.
  • We register all data and documents necessary for the universities’ admission procedures.
  • We inform you about your evaluation result.

In the application overview in your My assist account you will see your paid applications immediately. We will inform you by email as soon as the confirmation of receipt is available in your My assist account.

Did you pay by bank transfer? International bank transfers can take up to two weeks. Bank transfers from a German bank account can be delayed by a few days, for example due to public holidays.

Have you been waiting more than two weeks for your confirmation of receipt? Please send us a copy of your payment slip via our contact form. We will check if we have received your payment.

Handling fees

The evaluation of your educational certificates and checking of further admission criteria by uni-assist costs EUR 75.00 for your first chosen study course in an application semester.

Each additional chosen study course in the same semester costs EUR 30.00.

All important information on handling fees and payment options:

Pay all fees

Do you want to submit another application in the same application semester? Then the handling fee is EUR 30.00 for each additional chosen study course.

Have you already applied in a previous semester? Then the regular handling fees are: EUR 75.00 for your first chosen study course and EUR 30.00 for each additional chosen study course in the same application semester.


Handling fees

Payment options

You can easily pay the handling fees via your My assist account.

You will find further important information under Payment options.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept payment methods that are not listed and described there.

Yes, another person can pay the handling fees on your behalf.

Detailed information: Payment options

Some banks may charge additional fees for international transfers to Germany.

You will find important information on international transfers here:

Payment options


When you withdraw your application, you will receive credit for the amount of the handling fee. We will be happy to refund your credit on request.

More information:

No. You pay the handling fee for the processing and evaluation of your application documents, regardless of the evaluation result. You cannot reclaim the handling fee if your application is unsuccessful.


Yes. You will find further information at Refunds of credit.


There may be several reasons for this.

1. Check that you have answered all of the university's mandatory questions. Only after doing so can you pay for and submit your online application to uni-assist.

2. We use the 3D Secure system for credit card payments. To use this system, you need to be signed up for the 3D Secure system. For more information, please contact your bank.

3. If you enter the wrong data three times, you will be locked out of our payment provider's website for one hour for security reasons. Please try again after one hour has passed.

If you can no longer find your application, your payment was not successful. Simply submit your application again.

My assist saves applications with the status ”Payment received” in the application overview, if the payment was successful.


Do you have credit in your My assist account? Then you can pay for your application with your credit. To do so, simply go to your selection list and click on “Proceed to checkout.“