Notes on documents

The Academic Testing Centre in Ulaanbaatar ("Akademische Prüfstelle", APS) needs to check and certify your complete academic performance attained in Mongolia.
This needs to be done irrespective of your nationality, wheter or not you have also completed studies in another country.

For more information, visit the website of the Academic Testing Centre in Ulaanbaatar.

If you already have an APS-Certificate and completed afterwards your studies at a university in Mongolia,
you may need to have your bachelor diploma as well as your overview of subjects and grades re-certified by the Academic Testing Centre (APS). Find out from each university you are applying to if you need to submit this re-certification. If so, find out to whom and when.

Important: We always need the original APS certificate/APS attestation. We do not accept copies, not even certified copies.

Notes on translations

We only accept translations from Mongolia if a Mongolian notary attests the signature and identity of the translator. This also applies to translations by a translation agency.

Find further information on documents in the section assemble your documents.