Handling fees

We assess your international educational certificates and check additional criteria set by the universities you want to apply to. The handling fees are set by the uni-assist universities. Fees must be paid irrespective of the result of the checking procedure.

In one application semester these handling fees apply:

Cost for the first chosen course of study: EUR 75.00 
For each additional chosen course of study: EUR 30.00 

(System of handling fees)

  • You pay per chosen study course. A chosen study course can be an application for a bachelor or Master's course, for a Studienkolleg (preparatory course) or for a preparatory German course.
  • Are you reapplying for a new semester? If so, the fee is again EUR 75.00 for your first chosen study course and EUR 30.00 for each additional chosen study course.
  • These costs are the same for all forms of application, whether standard or VPD procedure. The fees cover the registration, processing and evaluation of your documents and educational certificates, irrespective of the result.

Example for one application semester

University 1  
Chosen course of study A EUR 75.00
Chosen course of study B EUR 30.00
University 2  
Chosen course of study C EUR 30.00
Total EUR 135.00

Some universities pay their applicants’ handling fees. In that case, your application is free. You will see a note to this effect in your selection list in My assist if this is the case for your application.

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