Bank details

Please use the following bank details for bank transfers to uni-assist:

Recipient uni-assist e.V.
IBAN DE62 1002 0890 0019 0552 72
Bank HypoVereinsbank
Filling in your transfer order:

Include the following information in the payment details:

  • Your uni-assist applicant number,
  • Your family name,
  • Your given name,
  • Your date of birth (,
  • The semester in which your course starts.

Please fill in your transfer order legibly and without omissions.


This is what the payment details could look like on your transfer order:

1234567, Mustermann, Max, 01.01.1991, SoSe21

Not enough room in the payment details?

Please select an unambiguous combination, ideally applicant number + family name + first name or applicant number + date of birth

For payments from non-EU states to Germany, some banks require the address of the German receiving bank:

HypoVereinsbank Filiale


Leibnizstrasse 100

10625 Berlin

For payments within the European Union, the SEPA procedure applies. Transfers are possible only using IBAN and BIC. Transfers made using only account number and bank number are no longer valid.

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