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Always use our online portal My assist for your applications. Register and create your personal My assist account with your own uni-assist applicant number. You will use this account for all your applications, including applications for multiple semesters.

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How do I create my My assist account? How can I submit my application online?


The My assist account offers many advantages:

  • Create and manage applications
  • Track the status of your applications
  • Submit applications to any uni-assist university
  • Automatically submit documents as non-certified copies by uploading them
  • Automatically transmit TestAS results
  • Contact uni-assist

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How to use My assist

  1. Register in My assist.
  2. Fill in your applicant information and educational history.
  3. Select your university and the chosen course under Search courses of study.
  4. Choose your desired course of study. Make sure that you answer all questions without omissions.
  5. Please upload each document only once. Give your documents an unambiguous name in German or English.

Frequently asked questions

Is an online application enough, or do I need to send documents by post as well?

Ask your chosen university. If the university requires certified copies, you need to submit these documents on paper in addition to your online application. uni-assist must receive these documents with the original signature of the certifying person and original official stamp of the certifying institution before the deadline passes. If the university accepts online-only applications using non-certified copies of certificates, an online application with uploaded documents is sufficient.

Additional FAQs

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