We are happy to answer questions on the application evaluation procedure. Get in touch with us using the contact form or via our service phone.
We do not offer on-site study counselling. For questions about course offers, admission criteria or application deadlines, please always contact the university of your choice directly.

Our contact form

If you have questions about the uni-assist evaluation procedure or your application, please use our contact form. You will find answers to many questions here and can submit a question to uni-assist in each category.

Contact form

Telephone hours

Monday to Friday | 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM (UTC+1/UTC+2)
Phone: +49 30 201 646 001

uni-assist is happy to answer questions on the application evaluation procedure by phone. Please have your uni-assist applicant number ready when calling with concrete questions about your application.

Postal address

Please send your documents to this address*:

uni-assist e.V.
11507 Berlin

* You can also use this address for courier services or to send registered mail. If your mail carrier does not accept the address, please send your mail to uni-assist e.V., Geneststraße 5, 10829 Berlin. This will not increase the transit time.

    Please tell your postal services provider that you want to send your documents as DOX. You will then avoid incurring additional costs and longer wait times.

    You can also drop your documents in our letter box in person. It is accessible 24 hours a day. If you are dropping off your application envelope in person, please use only the letter box marked “uni-assist”.

    The exact GPS coordinates are: 52.472090 13.36578

    Google Maps

    How to find the uni-assist letter box:

    • In Reichartstraße 2, 10829 Berlin (Gate 1), you will find a large sign for the uni-assist letter box.
    • Go through the green gate and you’ll be right in front of the letter box.
    Confirmation of receipt

    For each letter, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. Find out more under Deadlines & processing time.


    Telefax number: +49 30 201 646 005

    You are welcome contact us by fax but please note that you cannot submit certified copies of documents by fax.