Notes on official certification

We cannot accept a substitute declaration/self-declaration (“Autocertificazione/ Dichiarazione Sostitutiva della Certificazione”) as certification. In Italy, attestations and other official documents for administrative procedures may be replaced by a simple self-declaration. This is not possible for transactions with foreign government authorities or private institutions.
We are also unable to accept self-declarations attested by other institutions which have not issued the original document (e. g. by a Marca da Bollo).

Notes on translations

Since there are no court-certified translators in Italy, we accept translations with a "Verbale di Giuramento Asseverazione Perizia/Traduzione" from a local „Tribunale“ or an “Ufficio del Giudice (di Pace)“ including a stamp of this institution or a revenue stamp („Marca da Bollo“)

Find further information on documents in the section assemble your documents.