The free application process

Refugees in Germany may apply for a study programme at a German university like any other international applicant. Your advantage is that we will process your applications free of charge for the winter semester until 31 December 2019.

These measures are sponsored by the DAAD funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

uni-assist‘s free application process for refugees will end on 31 December 2019. Refugees can therefore still apply free of charge for the winter semester 2019. Starting with the application process for the summer semester 2020, the regular handling fees will apply.

The advantages

Why apply using the free application procedure?

  • free applications to up to three universities per semester for the winter semester 2019
  • special programmes for refugees offered by universities
  • missing documents because of refugee status – apply using the self-disclosure form
  • an additional document for you after uni-assist’s application procedure: the HZB certificate

Apply now free of charge

The self-disclosure form

You are missing important documents due to your refugee status, such as educational certificates or transcripts of marks? You can still apply for a study programme in Germany! It’s simple:

You register using the free application process and submit all documents you have. We will determine that some documents are missing. We will then send you the self-disclosure form. Complete this form and enter information on your education: exams, grades and degrees. We will forward your application and the self-disclosure form to the university of your choice.

Please keep in mind that you need to apply as early as possible! If documents are missing and you need to fill out the self-disclosure form, the application procedure will take slightly longer than usual!

Special study programmes for refugees

Many universities have special offers for regugees. You can apply to some special study programmes offered by uni-assist universities directly through us. Some programmes are available only for participants of the free uni-assist application procedure for refugees. Below you can find an overview of special study programmes at German universities. Before applying, ask the university of your choice about the application criteria for their special study programmes. Please note: The free application process for refugees will end on 31 December 2019. Applications from refugees will therefore be evaluated free of charge for the winter semester 2019 only.

You may also find a list of special study programmes on the uni-assist online portal.

If you represent a university, find out here how to set up special study programmes using uni-assist.

The HZB certificate

If you submit your application using the free application procedure, you may request the HZB certificate from uni-assist. You can submit the HZB certificate even to universities that do not work with uni-assist, as well as to other institutions in order to clarify your educational background.

The HZB certificate will also be issued if documents are missing because of your refugee status on the basis of submitted documents and the self-disclosure form.
The HZB certificate cannot be issued if your educational background does not qualify you to study in Germany.

You have applied using the free application procedure? Request your HZB certificate by using our contact form until 31 March 2020.

Request your HZB certificate now