Alternatives to university studies and counselling

University studies: This is one of the ways to build a life in Germany. But remember: there are many alternatives! It is important for you to be well-informed. This page shows you many important links and offers which will help you make your decisions.


After leaving school in Germany, you may take up university studies or enter an apprenticeship. The latter teaches you a specific job. This usually takes three years. During the apprenticeship you receive a salary each month.

Tip: Refugees who take up an apprenticeship are granted a safe residence title for Germany.

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Many students, university students or young graduates complete an internship with a company or organisation. This allows them to acquire work experience and become familiar with the job market. An internship generally takes 1 to 6 months. Interns work for little money.

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Refugees are permitted to work in Germany even while the procedure for granting the right of asylum is still underway.

This is where you can find a job!

Job portals for refugees:

Catching up on your education

Are you unable to take up university studies with the level education you attained in your native country? It is possible to complete your education in Germany. Use the following links to find out how:

German language classes

Counselling & alternatives to university studies

University studies

  • Would you like to take up university studies, but haven’t found a place at a university? Using KIRON, you can begin your studies without losing any time
  • How to get into university – Guideline for Refugees who would like to study by the University of Bonn. The guideline is available in Arabic on the universitys site.