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Has your request for cost exemption been granted? Congratulations!

You have requested a cost exemption online and received a confirmation e-mail with your applicant number: you may now apply free of charge to up to 3 universities for the winter semester 2019. All desired study courses at these 3  universities are free of charge.

Change to the section "How to apply"

Your application now works exactly the way it does for all other international applicants. The only difference is, that you don't need to pay the handling fees. Therefore you won't find further information on this in the section "Refugees", but under "How to apply".

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Applying to more than 3 universities

Would you like to apply to more than 3 universities per semester? It is possible. You will have to pay 30.00 EUR for each additional desired study course from the 4th university. From the 4th university you will have to pay per chosen course instead per additional university. You can find more information under Pay all fees.

Supsequent cost exemption

Have you applied and paid already and would like to request cost exemption now?It is possible until 31 December 2019. You can find more information in the FAQs under Apply free of charge.

Checklists for refugees

Also use the uni-assist checklists and don’t forget any detail!