Applying for cost exemption

You fulfil all the requirements for a free application via uni-assist? You have all documents necessary for requesting a cost exemption? Then please start by requesting cost exemption online using the cost exemption portal. When this is done, apply for a study programme. Applications from refugees will be still evaluated free of charge for the winter semester 2019 until 31 December 2019.

Applying free of charge in three steps


Register online on the cost exemption portal and submit your request online. Please request the cost exmeption only once, only online using the portal for cost exemption.

To the portal for cost exemption


uni-assist will process your request and will send you a confirmation e-mail with your uni-assist applicant number. We will process your request within a few days. You can check on the status of your request via the cost exemption portal.



You can now apply free of charge to up to three universities per semester for the winter semester 2019 using the uni-assist online portal my assist.

Validity of cost exemption until 2019

Cost exemption is granted once and remains valid until and including the winter semester 2019.

Did we already grant your request for a cost exemption in the past? Now you would like to apply again in a later semester? Then please apply directly using the online portal My Assist. Your exemption remains valid.

Please let us know via the uni-assist contact form if your residency permit status changes. We will then check if your cost exemption remains valid.