uni-assist e.V, the working service point for international student applications, is an association supported by approximately 170 German universities. uni-assist provides processing and evaluation for international student applications.

Its core responsibility is the evaluation of international school and university certificates and determining their equivalence to German educational standards. Services also include processing individual entry requirements of the target universities. Thanks to many years of experience and a large number of cases handled, uni-assist offers unique expertise in this area. For international prospective students, uni-assist offers a central point of contact for applying to a great number of universities.

uni-assist is a non-profit organisation which is financed by handling fees and membership fees. The handling fees are tied to the actual costs. During the founding phase, one-time initial funding was provided by the DAAD, using funds provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Ever since, public funding has been limited to thematically clearly defined special projects.

Using teams specialized in specific regions of origin, uni-assist processes approximately 300,000 student applications from over 180 countries and regions worldwide every year. In addition, uni-assist runs a service department that offers support by phone and e-mail for international university applicants. Lastly, uni-assist operates its own IT development department, which develops in-house software solutions to support the highly specialized processes, and ensures seamless interfacing with all common university systems.