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University application

Have you submitted your free application and received a confirmation email with your application number?


Then you can apply for up to three universities free of charge. If you would like to apply for more than three universities during a semester, an additional 15€ will be charged per university.

How the university application via uni-assist works:


1. Inform yourself about the courses offered at your desired university/ies and the required documents and deadlines for your application. uni-assist will not only check your school reports, but also any other university requirements.

2. Create your own application for each university using the uni-assist online portal. Send us your application electronically, be sure to print and sign it.

3.  Post all required documents and signed applications to uni-assist via mail:


uni-assist e.V.
11507 Berlin


We will review and certify your documents. Then, we will inform you of the review results and provide information about your documents to the universities. The universities use uni-assist's review results for their admission process.

Please note:

You only have to submit your documents once. These documents must meet all requirements of your desired universities. Usually, all school reports must be submitted to uni-assist as notarised copies in paper form within the university's application deadline.

Detailed information can be found under step-by-step.


Checklist and Info cards

1. Info card: Step by step applying through uni-assist
2. Info card: The Portal for Cost Exemption
3. Info card: Checklist
4. Info card: HZB-certificate


We look forward to your application!


Information on university applications using the uni-assist online portal can be found under online portal.

Answers to additional questions can be found in the FAQ.