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uni-assist offers unique competence and infrastructure for assessing international student applicants from all over the world.

The service offered by uni-assist is based on thorough expert knowledge of the assessment of international educational certificates from over 180 states and regions all over the world – even certificates from exotic countries are processed in such high numbers by uni-assist that no single university can compare. This ensures professional, secure and efficient application processes. Our thorough knowledge of the structures of university administration means we can guarantee a tailored offer that truly addresses the needs of universities.

work load:
uni-assist takes care of the formal pre-assessment of international educational certificates and frees up capacities for universities and lets them make fully independent made admission decisions based on content and substance.

Flexible processes:
uni-assist reviews course-specific requirements based on the individual specifications given by the individual universities, such as language skills, deadlines and completeness, and documents them thoroughly. The uni-assist portal offers numerous electronic functions such as online application, document management and communication. Documents submitted to uni-assist are scanned and the basic educational data is electronically recorded. This gives universities comprehensive electronic data to be imported into their own admission software.

uni-assist interfaces with the most common campus management systems and important players like the University Admissions Foundation (Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung) or the TestDaF institute. We are continually expanding these interfaces.

uni-assist provides individual assistance to universities. A highly skilled service team is available to answer queries in written form or by telephone. Technical questions are addressed by our uni-assist IT support.


The uni-assist process is shaped by the participating member-universities themselves. Meetings of members and special working groups let universities participate actively. This allows for a lean process, which is tailored to the needs of universities and constantly improved upon. Universities also take part as key users in the development of software applications provided by uni-assist.

The uni-assist process is subject to strict data protection measures. We assess international educational certificates in a transparent, standardised manner following the specifications issued by the “Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen” (Central Office for Foreign Education – ZAB). We are in close cooperation with the academic testing centres operated by the Foreign Office in some Asian countries. In addition, we maintain the central fraud register for all German universities.
You can find comprehensive information on data protection here.


The benefits of uni-assist for international student applicants

Central point of contact:
uni-assist is the central point of contact for student applications using international educational certificates for approximately 180 German universities. uni-assist allows applicants to quickly find course offers and make contact with the admission boards of participating universities.

The trained uni-assist service team answers applicants’ questions regarding the uni-assist process and review results via hotline and email, in German or English. If necessary, the service team also assists applicants in contacting their chosen universities.


uni-assist follows clear and transparent guidelines for reviewing educational certificates. Questions about individual assessments are explained in detail. Applicants are notified about missing documents in writing, so that they can be handed in within the deadlines agreed upon with the universities. All late submissions received within the application semester are processed and results are documented. In addition, the uni-assist online portal offers applicants numerous ways to learn more about course offers, universities and the review status of the documents submitted to uni-assist.

Students only need one set of notarised documents to apply to any number of participating uni-assist universities. The staggered pricing allows applicants affordable submission of their applications to multiple universities. This makes it possible, at low cost, to increase the applicant’s chances of finding a university place.

We are happy to help

uni-assist e.V. has been an established presence and centre of excellence for the preassessment of international student applications for over 10 years. 180 state-approved universities in Germany rely on uni-assist – and we look forward to helping our partners in future. The office and service department for international student applications is headed by Simone Will (Chief Executive Director uni-assist e.V.) and Bettina Böhme (Executive Director). It is supported by a tried and tested, specialised infrastructure and a highly qualified multilingual and multicultural team located in Berlin.

We would be happy to show you more of our work. Write to us at hochschulservice@uni-assist.de.