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certification and translation of documents


The uni-assist universities have adopted common standards concerning official certifications and certified translations. Read on to find out what you need to know.


1) Standards for official certifications


Outside Germany, the following institutions may certify copies of your documents:


In Germany, every public department bearing an official stamp, is authorised to issue official certifications.
These include:

Additional information: Public departments in Germany are permitted to certify foreign language documents, but they are not obliged to. If you are unable to find a public department in Germany to certify your documents, you should contact the embassy of your country of origin.

2) Standards for certified translations


We will accept translations of certificates issued by the following:




3) Standards for the language of the certificate


Submit your certificates in their original language – together with a German or English translation.

In your country of origin, alongside the original language, were your certificates also officially issued in German or English? In this case, we do not require a translation. (Exceptions, see certain countries)

Certificates in French must be translated into German or English.