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The uni-assist Online portal


Link to uni-assist online portal


Would you like to apply to study at one of our universities via uni-assist? Please use the online portal. The following section will tell you what you need to know.
Our advice:
university first, uni-assist second.


You can find a list of uni-assist universities here.
Please note:  We are unable to process your documents before you have paid the processing fee.

Submitting applications using the online portal


Register on our uni-assist online portal, answer the basic questions and select your university and the chosen course under “find course offers”. Then set up your application.
Send your application to uni-assist.
Make sure that you have answered all application questions without omissions. Please upload each document only once.

Print out your application, sign it and send it to uni-assist by mail.
If a university requires an application on paper with your signature, send the printed and signed application and all necessary documents to uni-assist on paper.


How to apply using uni-assist in 5 steps
More on the preliminary checking phase in detail


Changes and corrections

You cannot make changes to applications via the online portal after uni-assist has processed them. However, you can ask us to make the required changes for you using our contact form.


Please note: If the change concerns an application to one of the new DoSV (dialogue oriented service procedure) courses, please create a new online application using the uni-assist online portal for your new selection and send it to uni-assist.


You can find more information on changes and corrections in our FAQ.

Other functions


Our online portal offers many additional functions:

Do you need to know more about the online portal?
You can find answers to many questions in our FAQ.