Welcome to the University of Potsdam´s Online Application System

Via the online application system you can apply for admission to non-teaching-oriented Master´s programs at the University of Potsdam listed here. The application is free of charge. Please note that not all programs admit new students for both the summer semester and the winter semester.

Please find out early, i.e., before applying, what the admission requirements are for your planned program of study. For more information, please refer to the General Regulations on Admission and Access to Non-Teaching-Oriented Master´s Programs (Admission Regulations). and the Program-Specific Admission Regulations.


Regulations for the winter semester 2016/2017 application process: The subject-specific admission regulations only apply with regard to the admission requirements, otherwise the General Admission Regulations apply.

Please note:
If proof of your previous degree in your first program of study (Erststudium) cannot be provided by the application deadline, you may still apply for admission. At the time of your application, however, you must submit proof of having reached at least the following credit points (LP-Leistungspunkte, credit points):

  • 140 LP in Bachelor´s programs of study with a total of 180 LP
  • 170 LP in Bachelor´s programs of study with a total of 210 LP
  • 200 LP in Bachelor´s programs of study with a total of 240 LP.


University of Potsdam students, who, after completing their Bachelor´s degree, wish to switch to a non-teaching-oriented Master´s program, must submit an application as well as a Notification of Continuation in a Master´s Program (Anzeige auf Fortsetzung des Studiums im Masterstudiengang). The application and the notification are to be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs already during the re-registration period (i.e., by 15 July 2016 for the winter semester 2016).

After submitting your application electronically, please send the printed and signed copy of your application together with a certified copy of your transcript with your grades from your first course of study / your diploma to the following address:

University of Potsdam
c/o uni-assist e.V.
Geneststraße 5
10829 Berlin



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