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Payment Options

You can make the payments for your applications to uni-assist either by bank transfer or by credit card. This page will tell you how it works.
The section handling costs will tell you what the costs will be.


What is the deadline for payments?

The payment periods are the same as the application deadlines of the universities. It is therefore important to get direct information from the universities about their deadlines.

Important: We can only process your applications after the handling costs have been paid in full by you. The date of payment means the date of receipt by uni-assist. It does not matter when you authorized your bank to make the payment.
We therefore encourage you to pay as early as possible! Please allow sufficient time for the payment. Please notice that occurrences such as holidays may delay your payment.

Do you want to pay the handling costs for another person?

Of course. However, it is absolutely necessary for you to transfer the money separately for each applicant. In this way problems concerning the allocation of the money can be avoided.

Paying the handling costs for several universities?

Even if you apply for more than one university, please transfer the total amount within a single payment. This also applies if you make an application for multiple semesters at the same time. In this way we are able to assign your payments more quickly and you will save the costs for additional transfers.


Transfers and international transfers


Please complete the transfer form legibly using block capitals.

Please write the following information into the reference line:
–  your uni-assist application number
–  your surname (as stated in your passport),
–  your first name (as stated in your passport),
–  your date of birth (dd.mm.yyyy),
–  the semester the studies are about to start in, e.g. SoSe 17.
Please use the following abbreviations: WiSe for the winter semester and SoSe for the summer semester, adding the last two digits of the year.

The reference line on your transfer order may look like this:
1234567, surname first name, dd.mm.yyyy, SoSe17.

Please note:
Only in this way problems of assigning the money correctly can be avoided.

It is not possible for you to put all relevant details into the reference line?
In this case, please choose a clearly recognizable combination, preferably application number + surname + first name or application number + date of birth.

Here you will find the bank details of uni-assist.

Payment by credit card (Visa or MasterCard)

Do you want to pay the handling costs by credit card? Please use our form credit card payment. Please complete using block capitals and return it together with your other documents.

Please regard the following:

Important note:
Due to safety reasons, payments from the following countries might be excluded from payment by credit card. Also transfers could possibly be refused by Bank.


Asia: Afghanistan, Birma/ Myanmar, Burundi, Eritrea, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Korea, Lebanon, Philippines, Syria
Africa: Egypt, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Congo, Libya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Tunesia, Central Africa
Eastern Europe: Belarus, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Rumania, Ukraine, Russian Federation and all Balkan countries (former Yugoslavia)
Western Europe: Great Britain, the Netherlands