Refunds and credit

This is where you can find out when you may receive a refund or credit for the handling fees you paid, and how to request a refund.

Credit or refund

You can receive a refund or credit in the following cases:
  • You paid too much.
  • You paid for the processing of an application that is free of charge for you.
  • You withdraw your application before we process it.

What would you like to do with your credit?

Would you like to use your credit for other applications in the same or for a later semester? In that case, your credit will remain with your My assist account.

Would you like your credit to be paid out? We will transfer your funds to a bank account of your choice.
Note: In some cases, this results in an administrative fee of EUR 10.00 (one-time fee per semester).

Paying out credit to a bank account

Use our contact form to name bank details for your refund. We will need the following details:

Reimbursement may take 4 to 6 weeks after your request.


  • Only you or a person authorised by you may request a refund, even if a friend or relative paid the handling fee for you. You may of course name the account of your friend or relative, and we will transfer your credit to their account.
  • Transfers to bank accounts outside the SEPA area generally incur transfer fees. You are responsible for paying these fees.

Legal notice

The limitation period for any claim of reimbursement is determined by legal regulations.

Have you already paid your handling fee?

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