FAQs Corona

Yes. We are making every effort to enable you to apply successfully, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

You can easily submit an application for your chosen university through our online portal My assist.

You will find more information on the required documents in our list of uni-assist universities, by clicking on “Show details” when you select your desired course of study in My assist and on the university‘s website.

Is the university requiring certified copies of your documents by post? We will be happy to receive your mail. According to our present knowledge, you can send mail within Germany and in most of Europe without restrictions. You can find further information here and by contacting your local postal service provider.

In this case, you have several options:

  • Online-only application: More and more universities are accepting online-only applications. This means that you can submit your application entirely online via My assist. Simply submit your documents as an upload – even without official certification. In some cases, you will need to submit further documents to the university after receiving admission.

    Here you can find out which universities accept online-only applications.

  • Extended deadlines: Many universities have extended their deadlines for submitting applications due to the coronavirus pandemic. This means that you can submit your documents later.

    Please contact your chosen university for current information on their deadlines.

    Tip: Many universities have already set up special websites on this topic.

  • Postal service providers: It may be that only some postal service providers are offering limited services. We recommend that you contact several postal services providers to find out what other options may be available.

    Many postal service providers are providing updates on the coronavirus pandemic situation on their websites. Here are the main providers:

    Your postal service provider is not among those? Deutsche Post or DHL usually handle mail from other national postal service providers within Germany.

More and more universities are accepting online-only applications. This means that you can simply submit your application online via My assist – even without official certification.

You can check here whether your chosen university accepts online-only applications. If so, please submit your application form online in My assist and upload all the documents that the university requires for your application under “My applications” / “Documents.”

Please do not send us original documents. uni-assist will not return your documents. After the safekeeping period ends, we destroy the documents.

Please find out about application deadlines from your chosen university. Many universities have extended their deadlines due to the coronavirus pandemic. If this is the case, you can submit your documents later.

You have several options:

  • Alternative test dates: Alternative test dates are being offered for many language tests. You will find more information on the most common language tests here:

    German tests

    English tests

    Tip: Some test providers are offering special home tests during the coronavirus pandemic. We generally accept these tests.

Many universities accept applications for master’s courses from applicants who have not yet completed their undergraduate degrees. In this case, you generally need to submit a document from your undergraduate university confirming that you will soon graduate and a transcript of records documenting the studies completed so far.

Please find out from your chosen university whether they will accept your application if you have not yet completed your undergraduate studies and what the application requirements are.

You will find important information on documents from a number of countries on our Info country by country pages.

We update these pages regularly.

Do you need further information?