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Uni-assist does not offer visting hours.


The universities only advise applicants on application matters.

Our Contact Form for questions



If you have questions concerning the checking procedure at uni-assist or your application, please use our contact form. You will find answers to many questions here and may send a message to uni-assist in each category.


to the contact form


Answers to many frequently asked questions can be found in our FAQ and FAQ online application sections.



telephone services

Monday to Friday | 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (CET)

Phone: +49 30 666 44 345




Please provide us with your applicant number when you call with specific questions about your application.



Our postal address


uni-assist has a new postal address. Please send your application documents to the following address from now on:

uni-assist e.V.
11507 Berlin


If you mail service does not accept the address above, please send your documents to uni-assist e.V., Geneststrasse 5, 10829 Berlin instead. This should not extend the delivery time.


►Of course, you may also drop your application personally. Our mailbox is now accessible twenty-four-seven.


Please find a directory here.




























How to find our mailbox:

The exact GPS coordinates are: 52,472090  13,365782

Please drop your application in the mailbox labelled with uni-assist only. We can register your documents only for the day uni-assist actually received those documents.



►You may also send us a fax – however, please note that it is not possible to submit neither authenticated documents nor application forms where your original signature is required.


Fax: +49 30 666 44 390