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Free assessment procedure for refugees


Welcome to Germany!

You’d like to study at a German university?


Then you’ve come to the right place! uni-assist will check whether your international school and university certificates allow you to study in Germany.


DAAD finances a free assessment for refugees via uni-assist. You can request  a cost exemption from uni-assist online and apply for up three uni-assist universities free of charge.


We will review and certify your documents and school/university reports. Then we will inform you about the review results and provide the universities with information about your documents. The universities use these review results from uni-assist as part of their admission process and final decision.


The free procedure for refugees offers another advantage: You will receive a "HZB-Bescheinigung" certificate from uni-assist confirming your educational background and information regarding access to the German university system. You can also submit this certificate to other universities. "HZB" stands for Hochschulzugangsberechtigung, or university entrance qualification, i.e., whether your school reports allow you to study in Germany. The HZB certificate contains information about your type of university entrance qualification, your German grade equivalent and your submitted school/university reports, i.e., all information on which your university entrance qualifications (HZB) were assessed.


Important notice: Starting from 15th May 2017 we will issue the HZB certificate upon request only. If you wish to receive the HZB certificate, please inform us via the contact form.

Apply for free using uni-assist in three steps

1. Request a free application for refugees online via the portal for cost exemption. Please submit your application for cost exemption only once and only online in this portal.
2. We will review your application and send you a confirmation email with your uni-assist application number.
3. You can then apply for up to three universities per semester free of charge via the uni-assist online portal.


Checklist and Info cards

1. Info card: Step by step applying through uni-assist
2. Info card: The Portal for Cost Exemption
3. Info card: Checklist
4. Info card: HZB-certificate

Information regarding the requirements for free assessment of your documents.

Further information on the assessment of your documents by uni-assist can be found here.