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The Preliminary Documentation (PD)


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Some of our partner universities have their own special application procedures. Here you will find you what a PD is – and what you should note in this connection.

What is the preliminary documentation?


The preliminary documentation (PD) is a certificate issued by uni-assist, if all the criteria of the university are fulfilled.  The PD is issued for individual universities. It contains information about which certificates have been presented, and how uni-assist evaluates these certificates and how uni-assist classified the grades within the German grading system.

We issue the PD for the complete year, irrespective of the semester and time limits. It is valid for one year.

Note: You must apply directly to the university up to the closing date for applications.

Do I need a PD?


More information can be obtained from the universities.


How do I obtain a PD?


You can apply for a PD in the uni-assist web portal. To do this, select your university under “Search for study programmes”. For some PD universities there is not list of study programmes. In this case, simply select “all subjects”, “all degrees”.



We issue the PD for the complete year, irrespective of the current semester. The PD certificate is valid for one year.