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Preliminary check documentation (“Vorpr├╝fungsdokumentation”, VPD)


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Some of our universities use special application processes. Find out what a VPD is and what you need to know.

What is a preliminary check documentation (VPD)?


During the VPD procedure, we check in the name of some universities whether you can study in Germany with your previous education. If the result is positive, you receive a document with the results: the preliminary check documentation (VPD). The VPD is created especially for the university you selected.  It contains information on which educational certificates were presented, how these certificates have been evaluated by uni-assist and what grade within the German marking system it represents.


We provide the VPD irrespective of semesters and deadlines throughout the year. It is valid for one year.


Important: You need to use your VPD to apply directly to the university before the deadline. Please plan with enough time for your application and apply as early as possible.

Do I need a VPD?


For more information on the application process, please contact the university of your choice. Ask their student advisory if you need a VPD.


How do I get a VPD?

You apply for a VPD using the uni-assist online portal.

You can find out how to apply in five steps here.


How long does processing take?

The processing of your VPD application will usually take four to six weeks after receipt of your application documents and payment of the processing fee. We will inform you of the results in writing by e-mail and by letter.
If your application is incomplete, we will list what is missing or what has been submitted in the wrong format. You should submit any missing documents as quickly as possible.

The processing of documents handed in later can take up to six additional weeks, so please apply as early as possible.

What do I need to do after receiving my VPD?

Using the VPD received from uni-assist, you apply directly to the university. In the VPD process, uni-assist does not forward your application to universities. For more Information, please contact your desired university. Please make sure to inform yourself about the deadlines for submitting your application and the VPD received from uni-assist.

For how long does the VPD remain valid?

We provide the VPD irrespective of semesters and deadlines throughout the year. It is valid for one year. You can apply for a VPD at any time and use it to apply for a later semester.