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Certain diplomas



Here are some important information about certain diplomas:



IB Diploma


If you apply with an International Baccalaureat Diploma (IB Diploma) please submit the following documents:  


Your school certificates from the last two school years recording subjects and grades must document at which level (Standard or Higher level) the six IB subjects were taken during the last two years. If your school certificates/reports do not specify the level for each subject, please submit in addition a confirmation of your school stating at which level you took the subjects during the last two school years. It is not sufficient if the level is only given on your IB Diploma.

If you apply before your IB Diploma has been issued in paper form, we can also verify your exam results online after they have been published. In this case, you must let your IB school coordinator know that your results should be made available for universities and other institutions on the IBO website. Otherwise, we will not be able to verify your results and process your application.


Please note that uni-assist only verifies your result if you inform us via the contact form as soon as IBO has released them. We will not automatically verify all available test results from the IBO.
Your certificates from your final two school years must be submitted as officially authenticated copies – regardless of whether your exam results have been verified online or not.

Please enquire at the university of your choice regarding the requirements for German language proficiency for applicants with an IB Diploma who have taken German as an IB subject.


US High School Diploma at international schools



If you have completed your High School Diploma at an International School, accredited by a U.S. local public accrediting board, please make sure to hand in the following documents:


Please note, that regular standard US curriculum course names must be used in your High School Diploma. This also applies to all course names on your transcript.

Course names like “ Mathematics“  or “English“ are not accepted and should have US course names as  “Algebra“, “Geometry“, “Trigonometry“, “Pre-Calculus“, “English I-IV“, “English Honors“, “AP English“, etc.

Please also note that even if all requirements in your High School Diploma for university access in Germany are fulfilled, direct admission is only possible with a high SAT, ACT or AP score. Otherwise, a "Studienkolleg" (preparatory course) is required.


Generally, all certificates must be submitted in authenticated form. More detailed information regarding the required type of authentication can be found here.