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International educational certificates

This is where you can find important information on the following international educational certificates:

IB Diploma from international schools
High school diploma from international schools

International Baccaleaureat Diploma (IB Diploma) from international schools


If you have attained the International Baccaleaureat Diploma (IB Diploma), please submit the following documents:

The report cards from the last two academic years, including the overview of subjects and grades, must show the level (Standard or Higher Level) at which you studied the six IB subjects in the last two years of school. If your last end of year reports do not show the level for all subjects, we need an attestation from your school stating the level at which you studied these subjects during the last two years. The stated level on the IB diploma alone is not sufficient.


If you would like to apply before your IB Diploma has been issued on paper, we can verify your exam results online. In order to do this, you need to ask your school’s IB coordinator early to make your results available to universities and relevant institutions on the IBO homepage. If this does not happen, we cannot retrieve your results.


Please note that uni-assist will not verify exam results before you have notified us via our contact form that the IBO has published your results. We do not automatically verify all available records supplied by IBO.

Please submit legally attested copies your report cards of the last two years – regardless of whether or not your results were verified online.

The university you are applying to can give you information about the linguistic requirements for holders of IB Diplomas who have taken German as an exam subject.

US high school diploma from international schools

Do you hold a high school diploma from a school recognized by a US accreditation body?
You will need to submit the following documents:


Important: We need your report cards using the US grading system – i.e. the numerical 0-4 or A, B, C, D scale. If you were not graded according to the US grading system, we need a comparison of the system used with the US grading system.

Further information on the attestation of report cards.

Two important notes:

Your high school diploma must conform to the US curriculum.
This means that all course names need to conform to the US curriculum.
Course names like “Mathematics” or “English” are not sufficient. We always need the US course names like “Algebra”, “Geometry”, “Trigonometry”, “Pre-Calculus”, “English I-IV”, “English Honors” or “AP English”.

A US high school diploma alone does not allow you to study in Germany.

You must have completed the preparatory course. Direct studies are possible only if you have passed SAT, ACT or AP exams with specific results.

You can find more information on your university entrance qualification in Germany here:

DAAD database on admission requirements – Information on admittance to universities in Germany with international educational certificates
anabin – the official database of the Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen (“ZaB”, ““central office for the allocation of places in higher education”) for the evaluation of international educational certificates in Germany (for all countries)

In general, all report cards must be submitted as legally attested copies.

Further  information on the attestation of report cards.