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The uni-assist online portal for applicants


Link to the uni-assist online portal for applicants




Before applying via uni-assist, please gather detailed information directly at each university you would like to apply for.

Please also read the information given in the section Forms and Procedures.

Here you can find a List of all uni-assist member universities

and here is a List of all uni-assist member universities, for which uni-assist proceeds applications for master's degree programmes

Answers to frequently asked questions about the online application can be found in our FAQ online application.



Gather information
Each university has different requirements and deadlines. They vary not only from university to university but may also vary from degree course to degree course. Therefore, please inform yourself of the exact requirements and deadlines for each of your applications. Ask at the university for advise which application forms and which documents shall be submitted and about required authentications. If the university does not require a special application form then please use the form from uni-assist's online application.


We recommend to apply as soon as possible, at least eight weeks before the deadline expires. The advantage of applying early is to ensure an early reply from us regarding the result of our processing. You will then have the chance to submit any missing documents before the deadline expires.

Please regard that the processing starts after uni-assist received both; your application in paper form and the processing fee.

Fill in the form
Use the uni-assist online application for applicants in order to create an application. Fill in the standard form for your application and save it for later use. On the INOBIS website you will find a completed sample application form.

First print then submit electronically
Once you have created an application and filled in the form, you may preview and print it. Do not forget to submit your application electronically as otherwise uni-assist will not receive it. Tick the box and then click „submit electronically“ in order to submit your application online.

Sign it and mail it to uni-assist
The universities usually require, in addition to an online application, a paper application form with the applicant's personal signature. Therefore please always send your filled and signed application form together with your application documents to uni-assist. You can apply simultaneously to as many uni-assist universities as you like. For this, we need a separate signed application form for each university you would like to apply for, but we only need one set of documents.

Changes and corrections
Once uni-assist has processed your application, you yourself cannot alter it. However, if you wish to makes changes after that you may send us an according information via our contact form.



The advantages of an online application

The member universities of uni-assist have decided that an online application via the uni-assist online portal for applicants will be mandatory starting with summer semester 2014:
Register in our online portal, create your application form and submit it electronically to uni-assist. Then print the application form, sign it and send it together with your documents to uni-assist.

An online application has a lot advantages for you:

You select your choice of study from a list of all available degree courses. Thus you see the university's current study offer and indicate your choice of study precisely to save you time and trouble. Because if you indicate a degree course that is not available or cannot be identified beyond any doubt, we cannot process your application and have to contact you again. Please mind: Indicating a study programme that is not available or nor precise may lead to the rejection of your application, all corrections have to be made within the application period set by the university!

Some universities add specific subject-related questions in the online form. Those questions are not included in the standard form.

If you wish to apply to more than one university, you do not have to fill in each application form again from the beginning. Your basic data will be saved and automatically copied into a new application form.

It is not possible to submit your application form unless all mandatory questions have been answered so that you cannot overlook anything.

It is not necessary to upload all application documents but you may upload those documents which don't have to be certified or don't need an original signature. This way you do not only save shipping costs but also time: Documents that have been uploaded via our online portal are immediately at our specialists' disposal and will automatically be factored in evaluation. If you send your documents via our contact form, it will take at least some days until they will be matched to your file.

You may log into your account in order to inform yourself about the status of your applications.