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The uni-assist Online portal


Link to the uni-assist online portal

You would like to apply via uni-assist for a course of studies at one of our universities? If so, please use the online portal. This will tell you about everything you need to do.

A tip from us: First the university, then visit uni-assist:


Here you will find a list of the uni-assist universities.

Please note: We can only check your documents, once you have paid the handling fee.

Would you like to apply for a master's course? All information on the master's course is available here.

Submit applications 


Register yourself in the uni-assist online portal, select the university and your preferred course and file your application.


Send the application online to uni-assist.
Make sure that you have indeed carefully answered all the basic questions in the application. Please try to ensure that you upload each document only once. 

Print out the application, sign it and post it to uni-assist.

If universities also request that applications additionally be submitted in paper form signed by you, you would generally send all forms and documents in paper form to uni-assist.


For more information see our web page The application process step by step.

Changes and corrections

Applications already processed by uni-assist can no longer be changed in the online portal. However, you can tell us about your change request by using our contact form.


Note: If the change concerns a new Dialogue-orientated Service Procedure (“DoSV”) study programme, then go to the uni-assist online portal and create a new online application for this new course, and send it to uni-assist. 


Our online portal offers several more features for you:

Do you still have any questions about the Online portal?

Answers to numerous questions can be found in our FAQ.