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The following documents must be uploaded to request a free assessment:

1. A digital copy (scan or image) of a document that verifies your residency status in Germany.

    The following persons may apply for a free assessment:

2. A digital copy (image or scan) of your TestAS certificate

a certificate from a uni-assist university

You can decide which document to upload.

The TestAS is a scholastic aptitude test. You can use it to test and certify your university qualifications. More information on TestAS.

The free application does not require any minimum TestAS score!

To receive a university entrance certificate (Hochschul-Bescheinigung), please contact a uni-assist university directly. The “Hochschul-Bescheinigung” provides confirmation from the university that, in your case, a TestAS is not necessary for specific reasons and that the university therefore supports a free preliminary assessment via uni-assist without the TestAS certificate.
You can find a list of uni-assist universities here.

Do you have these documents?

Then register at the portal for cost exemption and submit an online free of cost application for refugees.