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Detailed information about the application procedure

The preliminary examination of your application

If you have applied to one of our universities via uni-assist, we will perform a preliminary examination of your application.


Registering for the Online portal and applicant number


To be able to apply for a course of studies online, you first have to register with our online portal. Once you have registered, you will be given an applicant number, which we will use to administer all your applications.


It’s as simple as this: 


If you do not create your own online account, we will register you once we have received your first application documents:


Please note: An online application can only be made once the universities have published their study programme for the current semester.


You can register as an applicant at any time. You can also register retrospectively, after you have sent us your documentation and received an applicant number. To do this, you only need to enter your applicant number.

Confirmation of receipt of applications and payments


When you send us documents or transfer money to us, you will always automatically receive a confirmation of receipt sent by email.


The only exceptions: If you have not provided us with an email address or the one you provided is invalid, we will send you the confirmation of receipt by post.

Processing your application


We will process your application once you have sent us your documentation and paid the handling fee. This can take up to six weeks.


Criteria of the universities and closing dates for applications


Please find out the precise criteria for the universities. Send us all of your application documents before the end of the closing date for applications. If your applications fulfil all of the criteria of the universities, we will forward these to the universities. Only then will the universities begin their selection process.


You want to apply now for a later semester?


You can apply for a course of studies prior to the official time limit for applications, once the universities have published their study programme on our online portal. This will allow us to notify you at an early date, in the event that your application does not fulfil the general criteria.


Please note: This is only a provisional check. We can only tell you about the final result, once the universities have published their criteria for the semester in question.


You would like to make subsequent changes to your application?


You can make changes to your submitted applications, provided we have not already sent these to the universities and it is before the end of the closing date for applications. Please tell us about your change requests using our contact form.


Please note: Some universities request that a new application be submitted in paper form in order to allow subsequent changes. More information on this can be found on the websites of the universities.

Result of the preliminary examination


Once we have checked your documents, we will notify you by letter and email of the result of our preliminary examination. There are two possibilities for the result of the preliminary examination:

a) We have forwarded your applications to the universities.


This will be the case, if your application was fully completed and submitted to us within the required time, and all the criteria of the university have been fulfilled. Once we have forwarded your application, the university admissions office will be responsible for your application. The university will inform you if you have received a place on the course, and it will tell you about all the subsequent steps.


Please note: If your applications are forwarded to the universities, this does not guarantee you a university place!


Please note: The documents you submit to us in paper form will be retained for a period of one year. If you apply for other courses of study, you do not need to send all documents to us again. We will also use your documentation for further applications.


Every university has different criteria and closing dates for applications. These not only vary from one university to another, but also from one study programme to another. If you do not fulfil these criteria, it may be the case that we cannot forward all of your applications to all of the universities. 


If you receive a place from two or more universities, you can decide which place you would like to accept.


Application for a university applicant’s visa: As soon as we have notified you that your applications have been forwarded to the universities, you can apply for a university applicant’s visa. However, you can only ever be granted a visa if you have been given a place on a study programme at a German university.

Please apply for the visa at a German consulate in your home country.

In doing so, please note: You have no legal entitlement to be granted a visa.



b) We could not forward your application to the universities.

This will be the case if we have not received your fully completed application within the applicable time period. We will also be unable to forward your application if the criteria of the university have not been fulfilled. In this case, we will notify you by email.

However, you can subsequently fill in the missing information:

You can submit documentation at any time up until the closing date for applications. We will recheck your application, and notify you of the result.

If you have missed a closing date for applications, you can apply in the next semester. You will then have to complete a new application for the new semester, and pay the complete handling fee once more.


Note: You would like to apply again within one year of the receipt of your applications? If so, you do not need to resubmit the documentation you have already sent us (grade certificates, language certificates and official documents).

Further information on making a new application


You do not agree with the result of our preliminary examination?


We examine all applications with the greatest of care and attention. However, if you feel that we have made an error in processing your applications, you may notify us in writing. Please send us a letter, a fax or use our contact form.


We will examine your concerns, and notify you in writing. If you do not agree with our response, we will forward your application to the university. The university will then have the final decision and will issue the legally enforceable notification.

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