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The uni-assist university portal

The university portal offers numerous features and services for universities.

Within this portal, each university has its own login and its own administrative area. Using the portal, uni-assist universities can view the data of student applicants and transfer it to their own system.
In addition, the portal offers many supplemental functions to universities. These additional features are continually being expanded and optimised by uni-assist in cooperation with participating universities.

Full documentation of each application


The uni-assist university portal allows universities in-depth access to all application data. This includes:

Universities can directly contact uni-assist for individual help with any queries or special decisions

Processing and evaluation of student applications:
the uni-assist module for operators and lecturers

The “module for operators and lecturers” within the uni-assist university portal offers universities support during the student selection process. Lecturers can evaluate all applications forwarded by uni-assist within the portal itself. Lecturers enter their evaluations directly into the system. The system automatically sorts by total score attained and thus provides a foundation for rankings.

The entire evaluation and selection process within the uni-assist university portal is controlled by the universities, which are referred to as “operators”. Operators may adjust every step of the process themselves. If needed, our IT colleagues at uni-assist will provide support.

Setting up individualised online applications
Universities may supplement their online application forms individually:
Special notices, links and downloads can be added for each degree programme. Even the questionnaires can be customised for each individual programme.

Quick Messaging:
the uni-assist communication module

Using the uni-assist communication module, universities can generate standard letters. These letters and notifications can be sent to the universities’ applicants directly from the system without having to generate tables or setting up new mail merges.
The portal offers universities quick, tailored access to the data about their qualified international applicants.

Keeping course offers current:
the uni-assist key table tool

Universities can easily maintain their course offers and the relevant application criteria using the uni-assist university portal. This provides basic data for the department reviewing credentials as well as the online portal for student applicants.

Analysis and steering:
the uni-assist statistics module

Using the statistics module, universities can create detailed statistics on international student applications at any time.
This includes the number of applicants as well as the total number of applications submitted. Another view shows the number of applicants who have failed to submit a formally acceptable application. The system will alert you to the reasons for failure.

The statistics module calculates the rate of multiple applications, i.e. the number of main applications submitted by applicants for all uni-assist universities. In addition, the module calculates the average grade of applicants.

Do-it-yourself permissions management:
the uni-assist admin module

The uni-assist admin module allows uni-assist universities to manage portal permissions for their employees. This enables universities to be fully independent for some of their IT self-management.

Talk to us!

We are constantly improving the uni-assist university portal. Each new version offers additional features -- for both uni-assist and universities. We welcome any feedback you may have.

Click here to access the uni-assist university portal.
If you don’t have access to the uni-assist university portal, please contact your university’s portal administrator.
If you have questions or would like to learn more, we’d be happy to help. Please get in touch. Simply contact us.