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The uni-assist portal for universities


For its member universities, uni-assist maintains a special web-based portal. This portal hosts a separate account for each member university including individual administration. This enables the universities to autonomously establish and filter the access rights for their own employees.

In addition to the central function of accessing the data records of applicants and transmitting them to the university's system, the portal offers university employees a range of diverse options of utilisation. These are continuously extended and optimised by uni-assist in cooperation with the university colleagues.



Comprehensive documentation of each individual application


Using the uni-assist portal for universities, the universities can access all application data of applicants as well as their study preferences in detail. In addition to scanned and uploaded documents, they can find data on the processing status and reasons why forwarding has not taken place yet. Furthermore, in the section giving an overview of applicants, the uni-assist portal for universities gives universities the option to call up an information sheet containing the individual results of the uni-assist document review.

An additional field was integrated into the total overview showing all applicants with a positive result for the university, which gives the respective export date of all forwarded applications.



Fast Contact with uni-assist


Fast feedback can be forwarded to uni-assist from out of the applicant account, which then is processed immediately. The colleagues from the universities can determine what kind of feedback they would like.



Processing and Evaluation of University Applications with the uni-assist Operator and University Lecturer Module


With the "Operator and University Lecturer Module", uni-assist provides its member universities with an instrument supporting quality-oriented selection procedures. All applications forwarded by uni-assist as formally fit for admission can be evaluated by the university's lecturers directly via the uni-assist portal for universities. The lecturers enter their evaluation results directly into the system, which then sorts applicants automatically according to their total score and thus provides the basis for the ranking lists.

The entire evaluation and selection procedure via the uni-assist portal for universities is in the hands of a university colleague, the operator, who can independently adjust all process steps or, if required, with support from the IT colleagues at uni-assist.



Creation of individual online applications

The uni-assist portal for universities also gives universities the option to establish specific advice and downloads for the online application, which then are automatically placed at the disposal of university applicants through the uni-assist online portal for applicants as they choose their university or, respectively, specific degrees or courses of study. In addition, there is an editor function by which special printed versions of application forms for individual courses of study or degree groups can be created.



Fast Messaging with the uni-assist Communication Module

The uni-assist communication module enables the generation of letters at any time and independent from the university's admission procedure: The university can send letters and notifications to its applicants from within the system without the need for creating tables or new mail merges.

Through the uni-assist portal for universities, universities are given fast and target group specific access to their international candidates, that is, to those assessed as formally fit for admission by uni-assist.

The entire correspondence taking place via the uni-assist portal for universities can be tracked by the respective applicants and, respectively, universities.



Keeping university courses up-to-date with the uni-assist Code Table Tool

In connection with implementing the Bologna Process in particular, it is useful to be able to independently make changes in the range of study courses and correspondent specific application criteria in a fast and uncomplicated manner. With the code lists the university colleagues provide uni-assist with the data basis for processing, for the uni-assist online portal for applicants and other information media.

By updating their course programme through the uni-assist portal for universities, the universities make sure that international university applicants apply only for valid courses of study and that processing at uni-assist takes place on the basis of the current course programme as early as possible.



Analysis and control with the uni-assist Statistics Module

The statistics module provides the essential key performance indicators for the application process. These include the number of applicants as well as the number of all submitted applications. The number of applicants who have submitted an application that is not formally fit for admission is also displayed. The system provides information why the documents could not be forwarded to the university.

The uni-assist statistics module allows uni-assist member universities to access their own applicant numbers at any time and to create significant, detailed statistics pertaining to a wide range of questions regarding the subject of international university applications.

The statistics module calculates the rate of multiple applications, that is, the number of main applications submitted to all uni-assist member universities in total. Furthermore, the statistics module calculates the overall average grade of applicants.



Independent rights administration with the uni-assist Administration Module


With the uni-assist administration module, all uni-assist member universities can administrate and organise the IT access rights to the uni-assist portal for universities for their team of employees themselves. Significant parts of the independent IT administration thus are in the hands of those colleagues, who are in charge of operations at the universities and know about the uni-assist portal's practical possibilities of use or wish to learn more about these.



Contact Us

uni-assist continuously works on further developing the uni-assist portal's range of functions. With each new version, the software aBIS (a proprietary development by uni-assist) allows for more and more diverse applications required by uni-assist but also by universities. Therefore we are grateful to receive any kind of suggestions.

to the uni-assist portal for universities

If you do not yet have access to the uni-assist portal for universities, please contact the portal administrator at your university. We are glad to provide any additional information you may require.