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current processing times at uni-assist

Evaluating of an application usually takes up to six weeks after we received the application and the payment – that is the information you will find on our website and get on request. However, this is a general information with regard to the periods when most applications arrive here. Of course, there are times when the processing is much quicker.

Therefore we will at this place inform you about our current processing time on a weekly basis. All incoming applications will be processed on a first in first out basis. The processing time starts with the day, on which we have received your application and your payment.

Central and Eastern Europe: approximately 2 weeks
Asia and Oceania: approximately 3 weeks
Western Europa, Turkey and the Americas: approximately 2 weeks
Africa, the Middle East and Iran: approximately 3 weeks

(last update: January 16, 2018)


Kindly note: The current processing times published here are based upon the number of applications we already received. In case you have not yet sent your application then please take into account that the average processing time is subject to change anytime.

Nevertheless, please apply as soon as possible. The advantage of applying early is to ensure an early reply from us regarding the result of our processing. You will then have the chance to submit any missing documents before the deadline expires.


Registering your shipments

As we register all shipments manually, there may be a delay between the actual receipt and its registration in our system. Such delays occur especially just ahead of important deadlines when we receive thousands of shipments a day. Please don't worry if you do not hear from us soon - as soon as the documents are registered, a notification of receipt will be sent to you by e-mail immediately. And of course, we register all incoming mail with the actual date we received them.

Today we register mail that arrived January 10, 2017.

(last update: January 11, 2018)