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Methods of Payment


First of all, please inform yourself here on the handling fees for your applications.




Bank Transfer and international bank transfer


–  your birthday (dd.mm.yyyy),
–  your family name,
–  your first name,
–  the semester in which you would like to start studying*,
–  your uni-assist applicant number (if you already have one)


*Please use the following abbreviations: WS for winter semester and SS for summer semester and attach the last two numbers of the year you want to study in, for example SS14 or WS14/15.


So for example, the payment description on the transfer form should look like this:
12.11.1985, Baatur Iwan, SS14, 1234567


These information help us to assign payment to the applicant's account beyond doubt. If you cannot or do not want to indicate all data in the reference field then please choose a combination that identifies you as best as possible, preferably your applicant number along with your name or date of birth.



the bank account details of uni-assist



Information on paying by credit card (Visa or MasterCard)


If you would like to pay the handling fees by credit card, please use our credit card form, fill it in completely and legibly and send the original form to uni-assist.


Please note:  The credit card companies have recently excluded credit cards issued in the following countries from non-personal money transfer.


Asia: Indonesia and the Philippines
Africa: Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Ghana and Egypt
Eastern Europe:

Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the Balkan States

(former Yugoslavia)

Western Europe: Great Britain, the Netherlands


More payment options


Payment methods that are not listed and explained here cannot be accepted. Please note that this expressly applies to cheques: uni-assist cannot accept any cheques in general.


We kindly ask you for security reasons that you do not send cash by mail.