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Master Programme

You would like to start a master programme in Germany? You will need to fulfil various criteria and conditions to do this. Read on to find out what you need to know here.


In Germany there are various types of master programmes:

A consecutive master programme can either deepen the studies undertaken to date, be inter-disciplinary in nature, or also focus on new areas of knowledge.

Vocational master programmes build upon practical on-the-job experience.  

What are the criteria for admission to a master programme in Germany?

Generally speaking, you must have completed a first degree course in a related subject. This course must be equivalent to a German bachelor programme and have been awarded by a university, which is accredited in accordance with the laws of the country in question.

Some countries also require that the study programme itself be accredited. Your studies will be recognised in Germany, only if this condition is also fulfilled.

The anabin information portal, run by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZaB), provides information on whether your university and study programme is recognised, and if the degree is equivalent to a German bachelor programme.


What certificates are needed for the application?

Please submit officially certified copies of the certificate and the transcript of subjects and marks for your first degree, together with certified translations.


Certificate of school-leaving qualification?

Some universities also demand that applications for master programmes are accompanied by the applicant’s school-leaving qualification certificate.

A tip from us: Always submit the certificate of your school-leaving qualification – as an officially certified copy, and certified translation form. This is because certificates of the school-leaving qualification can also serve as proof of language skills, for example.


I will soon be completing my studies; can I apply for a master programme now?

Some universities will accept applications with provisional certificates. However, you will need a confirmation from your university regarding the pending completion of your studies, detailing how many percent (or ECTS points) you have achieved for the academic achievement required for the degree. Some universities will not accept applications for a master programme, if these contain provisional certificates. With these universities, you can only apply once you have completed your initial degree course.


Information for applicants who have completed an international semester:

Which marking system is valid?


The application will be based on the German marking system. If necessary, uni-assist will convert your marks into the German marking system. In the case of certificates issued by non-German universities, the applied marking system must be indicated on the certificate.

If the marking system is not set out in your transcript of subjects and marks, you have two alternatives available to you:

  1. Send us a link to the website of the university, containing information about the marking system.
  2. Or send us a PDF containing the official marking system of the university. To do this, you can use our contact form under the “My application documents” heading. Or upload the PDF to the uni-assist online portal for university applicants.


Important: We need an official document with your university's marking system. General information about the marking system of the country in question (such as links to anabin or Wikipedia) will not be adequate.