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This is where you can find important information on different types of university entrance qualification (“Hochschulzugangsberechtigung” or “HZB”).

University entrance qualification (“Hochschulzugangsberechtigung” or “HZB”)


If you wish to study in Germany, you need a university entrance qualification, called “Hochschulzugangsberichtigung” or “HZB” for short. This name refers to any educational certificate which qualifies you to study at a university. The German educational certificate which qualifies for university studies in Germany is called Abitur.


If you do not have a German Abitur, you need an educational certificate or prior education comparable to the German Abitur. The “Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen” (ZaB, “central office for the allocation of places in higher education”) compares German and international educational systems. It determines which level of education of a given country is comparable to the Abitur.


Using the portal anabin you can find out how the educational certificates from more than 180 countries compare to German certificates. Use the DAAD Database on admission requirements to check whether your school-leaving certificates allow you to study in Germany.
Can’t find information on your country? The federal database at www.anabin.de lists more than 180 countries.

What types of HZB are there?


There are different types of university entrance qualification:


Direct HZB:
With a direct HZB, you are qualified for studying in Germany. There are two types of HZB, the general and field-specific HZB.


General HZB:
With a general HZB you can take up studies in any academic field.

Field-specific HZB:
With a field-specific HZB, you can only take up studies within a specific academic field. The academic field is determined by the field’s specialization in your native country.

Preparatory course:
If your prior education is not enough to qualify you to study, you will need to complete the preparatory course and complete the assessment test. The assessment test determines whether you fulfil the academic and linguistic requirements to study. If you successfully complete the assessment test, you may study specific subjects. The qualification for the preparatory course is also called indirect HZB.


You can find more information on the preparatory course under www.studienkollegs.de.

Germany distinguishes between the following fields:
G course: for subjects within the humanities
S course: for linguistic subjects (some universities have combined G and S courses)
W course: for subjects within social and economic sciences
T course: for technical, scientific and mathematical subjects
M course: for medical and biological subjects

You can find futher information on this topic on the page preparing your studies.


Always submit all the educational certificates you have. Sometimes the HZB results from a combination of several certificates. Even a certificate that seems unimportant to you could be key to your application.