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The dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV)


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What is the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV)?



Universities may take part in the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV) of the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (Foundation for University Admissions) in order to coordinate applications for study courses with restricted admission. This procedure helps organise the allocation of popular university places more quickly, smoothly and transparently; all study applicants can track the status of their application in a central online database and retrieve offers of admission. If an applicant accepts an offer, their remaining offers will automatically be deactivated and the study places can immediately be offered to other applicants. This should guarantee that no study place shall be unfilled, despite qualified applicants having applied for it.

You can find out whether the DoSV procedure includes the study course you wish to apply for by contacting the university directly or going to www.hochschulstart.de. The DoSV procedure is generally only carried out for applications for the first semester of an undergraduate course (i.e. Bachelor’s degree, Diplom, Staatsexamen or other equivalent). Each applicant may submit up to twelve applications per semester, however the number of applications per university may be restricted. Participating universities decide themselves how applicants should apply, i.e. via hochschulstart.de, directly via the university or via uni-assist.

To apply for a DoSV study course, study applicants must begin by registering on the website of the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung. Once registration is complete, the applicant will receive a two-part identification number, consisting of their BID (Bewerber-ID, applicant ID) and BAN (Bewerber-Authentifizierungs-Nummer, applicant authentication number). The BID and BAN must be provided for all applications for a DoSV study course.

Please make sure you bear in mind the deadline for your chosen study course and register as early as possible: outside of the application period it will not be possible to receive a BID or BAN, nor can the universities guarantee an extension period for submitting BIDs and BANs in such cases, since this function will no longer be available in the portal on hochschulstart.de.

If you are required to apply via uni-assist, please do this as early as possible as well in order to ensure that your BID and BAN are correctly submitted to us on-time; applications for DoSV study courses have to be forwarded to the universities earlier than other applications and you will not be able to provide your BID and BAN subsequently, or to correct these. Without the correct provision of BID and BAN, your application cannot be forwarded to the university.

If you have any questions regarding registration or the BID and BAN, please go to www.hochschulstart.de. Please contact the universities you wish to apply to regarding application requirements, deadlines and responsibilities.


At Berlin's universities there are special rulings applicable if you apply for a so-called „Zweitstudium“ (second degree), that means having already completed a Bachelor's programme at a university within the EU or EWR. We recommend that you ask the university for advice on this matter before you apply.