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DoSV: the dialogue-oriented service procedure


Link to the uni-assist online portal

Many universities coordinate applications for specific courses using the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV). You can find out here what it is and how to apply.

What is the DoSV?


Using the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV), universities coordinate their course applications on a national basis using a central database run by the University Admissions Foundation (SfH). This allows everyone to get their desired placement and no places are left vacant.


You can find out more at hochschulstart.


You can find out whether a particular course uses DoSV via the university or at hochschulstart.


What do I need to know about DoSV courses?

1. Enter a valid ID number

When applying to DoSV courses, you need to enter a personal identification number at the uni-assist online portal, generated in advance at www.hochschulstart.de The identification number consists of two parts:



Without the correct BID and BAN, we will be unable to forward your application to universities.


If your BID and BAN are not correct or no longer valid, please contact hochschulstart, where the identification numbers are managed.


Change your data in the basic questions section of your uni-assist account.



2. Apply only via the uni-assist online portal, not via hochschulstart

For all DoSV courses, you must apply online using the uni-assist online portal. This always requires you to enter a valid BID and BAN.

You can find many helpful hints on applying online using uni-assist here:

Step-by-step applications

Preliminary checks in detail

Would you like to change your desired course to a DoSV course after uni-assist has already processed your application? Please create a new application using the uni-assist online portal and state your BID and BAN.

3. Interested in several courses at the same time? Choose your priorities.

If you would like to apply to several courses in a single semester, please set your priorities using your hochschulstart account. Setting your priorities means that you put the list of courses that interest you into order of preference.


Setting your priorities is important for hochschulstart to offer you placements for the courses you prefer.


You may list a maximum of twelve applications for DoSV courses per semester.

Further hints: