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General information


Please inform yourself of the exact deadline for each of your applications on the universities' websites: The application deadlines vary not only from university to university but often may also vary from degree course to degree course. Some universities place different deadlines for applicants from EU member states and non-EU-meber states.

Preparatory courses: If you have to visit a preparatory German language course or the Studienkolleg prior to the professional studies, a different deadline may pertain.

Qualifying examinations: The universities are in charge of qualifying examinations or, respectively, admission examinations. Please contact the university directly for more information.

The universities' deadlines are relevant for your application at uni-assist: Please note that generally all required documents have to be submitted to uni-assist before the application deadline expires, late submissions are not allowed in most cases.

Please apply as soon as possible: We recommend to send the documents to uni-assist at least six weeks before the end of the application period to make sure you will have enough time to hand in additional documents if necessary.


Information on Extended deadlines for SUMMERsemester 2017:


On this page, uni-assist member universities provide information regarding extended application deadlines. Degree programmes that have German names usually also have German as language of instruction.


THM Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences

15.02.2017- for all unrestricted degree programmes 


Philipps-Universität Marburg

15.02.2017. - for the German course before Studienkolleg
15.02.2017 - for all unrestricted Bachelor degree programmes and ev. Theologie kirchl. Examen,  ev. Theologie M.A
15.02.2017- for applicants without required German skills for studies, who want to apply for an undergraduate course, which is only offered in Wintersemester