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University application deadlines

This is an overview of the basic information on university application deadlines.  


General information on application deadlines

Each university has different deadlines

Please find out your universities’ deadlines as early as possible – each university uses a different deadline. Some universities also have different deadlines for applicants from EU and non-EU countries, and they may even differ from course to course.

The deadline for your application via uni-assist is always that of the university!

If a university requires a Preliminary check documentation (“Vorpr├╝fungsdokumentation”, VPD) from uni-assist, you need to have submitted it to them before the deadline.
In some cases, your documents need to be with uni-assist in their entirety and in the required format before the deadline passes.

When asking universities about deadlines, keep the following questions in mind:


Apply via uni-assist as early possible.

Our recommendation: Send in your documents and make your payment at least eight weeks before the university’s application deadline expires. This ensures that we can inform you in time if you need to submit further documents.