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Bachelor’s Degree


The Bachelor’s degree is the most common, and is the first university degree qualifying students for the employment market. Bachelor’s degrees can focus on one main subject (a single honours degree, or 'Mono Bachelor') or a combination of several subjects (a joint honours degree or combined Bachelor’s).


There are still some courses of study that award the student with a Diplom or Staatsexamen. Diplom courses tend to be offered in the technical and engineering fields, while the Staatsexamen can be taken in the following subjects: medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, law, food chemistry, and some teaching degrees (although others carry the qualification 'Bachelor of Education'). Bachelor’s degrees and their equivalents are also referred to as undergraduate degrees.

uni-assist is generally not responsible for crediting any periods of study. Applicants must always contact the university’s admissions office or the respective state examinations board, even if uni-assist is responsible for processing your application for a higher study semester. In any case, please make sure that you state clearly on your application form which study semester you are applying for, so that we can process your application accordingly.

Some universities have separate admission procedures for applicants from EU countries and those from non-EU countries. Please enquire at the university whether applicants from EU-States have to apply via uni-assist.

Important information for those applying to study medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or pharmacy (unless you are required to pass the Studienkolleg beforehand or are applying for a preparatory pre-study German course - in this case you have to apply through uni-assist): these study courses have restricted admission nationally, i.e. at all public universities in Germany. You must send your application via the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung, if


More information on studying medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or pharmacy as a first-year student.


Grading System


To guarantee that your grade(s) will be evaluated as accurately as possible, please observe the following:
If you have already completed any periods of study and the grading system used by your university is not explained on your transcript, please make sure you always send us a copy of the grading system applied to your study course at your university. You can send us this via a link from your university, which we can then use to examine their grading system, or as a PDF containing your university’s official grading system. Please send us this via our contact form in the category "My Application Documents" or upload it in the uni-assist online portal for study applicants.
Please note that this request entails very specific information with regard to your university. Therefore, please refrain from sending us general information on the grading system in your country, e.g. links to anabin oder even Wikipedia, since we already have this information!