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Bachelor programme


Please note: Always contact your preferred university to get information about your application. We are describing the normal case here.


The bachelor programme is the standard qualification for the first degree at a university.

The following variations exist:


Other degrees/qualifications include the “Diplom” [higher degree] and state examinations, for example medical science, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and pharmacy.


In the following cases, the applications are processed centrally via the “Hochschulstart” website:


You would like to know more about the 1st semester in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and pharmacy?

More information is available here:


Studienkolleg (preparatory college) and German course

You want to apply for the Studienkolleg or a German language course as preparation for your studies?

These applications are not processed via Hochschulstart, but through the university or uni-assist instead. Please contact the university directly.

Receiving credits for your studies to date

You are applying for a higher semester and would like the grades from your previous studies to be credited? To do this, please contact the university directly, or the competent State Examination Office ('Landespr├╝fungsamt'). This also applies if you make an application via uni-assist.

What you need to know: In your application, please state for which semester you are applying. This will enable us to process your application correctly.

Applications from EU and non-EU states

Some universities have different procedures for applications from EU states and applications from non-EU states.

If you are an EU citizen: Please inquire at your preferred university, whether you have to apply via uni-assist, as an EU applicant