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Applying again


If you are not able to submit all required documents in the correct form before the deadline expires, you can re-apply for a semester later in time.

uni-asssist is obliged to archive all application documents for one year after you applied. If you apply for another uni-assist member university within this period of time you do not have to submit anything we already have. However, kindly note the following:

Each university has different requirements and deadlines. They vary not only from university to university but may also vary from degree course to degree course. Therefore, please inform yourself of the exact and up-to-date requirements and deadlines for each of your applications. Kindly note: The forwarding of an earlier application is not a guarantee that any other application will be forwarded, be it in the same or in a different semester.

Was your application complete last time or did uni-assist request additional documents from you? Have you received new relevant documents in the meantime? Does the university require an up-to-date CV? Then please submit these documents to uni-assist before the deadline expires.

You definitely have to submit a new application form for your new application.

The member universities of uni-assist have decided that an online application via the uni-assist online portal for applicants will be mandatory starting with summer semester 2014:

Please register in our online portal, if not already registred. Create your application form and submit it electronically to uni-assist. Then print the application form, sign it and send it together with your documents to uni-assist.


Enquire at the university you would like to apply for whether you have to hand in the university's own specific application form. If this is the case, please have the application form sent to you or download it from the university's website. This application form must then be submitted additionally.

Please note that you have to pay the full handling fees again:

Regulation of fees

Please always state your old application number when you submit additional documents or new application forms: all your applications from all semesters are being managed with the same application number. Therefore please do not register more than once!
If you have changed your place of residence in the meantime, please provide your old address as well as your new one.

If more than one year has passed since your last application, please hand in all documents again.